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Aflatot program is designed for the children under the age group of 3-6 years. It provides an early childhood education that lays the foundation for the social and financial literacy. The program builds on the evidence in early childhood that such early investments provide children with advantages that are amplified and reinforced over time. It also emphasizes the importance of giving children space to express themselves, to act on their own and to solve practical problem together. It uses different active learning methodologies such as role-play, storytelling, group activities, outdoor activities etc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work towards an equitable social structure within a pluralistic society i.e. one that is an integrated society, where different cultures coexist. By educating children and their significant others on child rights and responsibilities, we address prejudices focusing on the following key concepts - equity, ageism, gender, ethnicity, classism and ableism.

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7,51,435 CHILDREN
 5,286 SCHOOLS
    9  STATES
          21  DISTRICTS


Pamela P. Flaherty
President & Chief Executive Officer,
Citi Foundation Director, Corporate Citizenship, Citi

"When I visited a rural village in India, I saw confirmation of why MelJol has been a long time partner of the Citi Foundation. Through the power of savings, they have been extremely effective at building the financial capability of hundreds of thousands of low income children and youth."

Dr. Armaity Desai
MelJol Board Member
"I am impressed to see how the programme is implemented at grassroots level. I feel that the children in this programme will be different citizens and adults somehow. Now it is not a programme, not a scheme, but a movement altogether."

Dylan D'Costa
"Having joined with little or no expectations, the one year I spent at MelJol was by far the most satisfying professional experience of my life. The best part about working at MelJol? Seeing my work translate into smiles on the faces of children"

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