Learning by doing… and showing the way to other children in the school towards financial empowerment at an early age

It is not the profit that children earned but the lessons that they learnt from the activities were important to the teachers, trainers and networking partners.

  • Name of the School: Dharamsagar PUPS
  • Block: Komna
  • District: Nuapada
  • State: Odisha

Aflatoun children showing kindness to their own teacher in the school

Pitaram Harpal, GS teacher from Dharamsagar Primary & Upper Primary School (PUPS), due to his backbone ailment went to doctor and the doctor told him for operation. Since four months he had not received his salary, the Aflatoun children decided to lend some amount as gesture of support. They lent Rs. 5000/- for treatment on 7th Jan 2015 from their Aflatoun bank. He was hospitalized in district headquarter hospital, Nuapada. From there he was referred to Cuttack hospital. After two days he came back home and later again on 20th Jan 2015 he was admitted in Raipur for better treatment. The money will be returned later. The Aflatoun bank book has been signed by the Headmaster of Dharamsagar PUPS to keep documentation of the transaction.






Changes in Raveena and Princi Opinion

  • District: Dhaulpur, Malaunipawar
  • State: Rajasthan

Through Aflatoun progamme, we have learned to save money, learned good habits and about our rights. Not only we, but also elders in our village started to save money in the bank. We, who used to spend lots of money now started to save it. With small savings we have opened our account in Punjab National Bank. We inspired people towards savings. We will also inspire other children to open their account in the bank/post office. We will participate in all activities of Aflatoun club as well. Gaffer: Standing In His Own Feet.

  • NAME: – Mohd Gaffer
  • SCHOOL: – GHS Boys Darul Ulum. Hyderabad

Mohd Gaffer, a brilliant very regular student of GHS Boys School usually earned his pocket money by helping out his older brother in his work in textiles. He was motivated to start saving this money after attending an Aflatoun Program and over time saved Rs. 750 in the Aflatoun bank in his school.

Gaffer’s father, despite his poor economic scenario, saved up enough to buy him a new outfit for the upcoming festival of Ramzan, but since his wages were limited, he lacked the money to buy his sandals to go with the outfit. To his father’s surprise, Gaffer confidently told him not to worry as he would buy himself his own pair. He went on to withdraw money from Aflatoun Bank and bought himself the first pair of his very own sandals, making his family very proud. They opened a formal bank account for him and acknowledged that his savings plan could come of much use in the future

Today, Gaffer visits the bank every 15 days to deposit his savings.


The Bravery of the Children of Baraipur

  • District: Baraipur, Varanasi
  • State: Uttar Pradesh

Rani belongs to the slum of Baraipur in Sarnaath, Varanasi, where she resides with her illiterate, handicapped mother and grandparents who cultivate rice, wheat and vegetables to meet their needs.

On the 3rd of August, 2014, Rani informs in the meeting that a few students from neighboring village Hitawanpur harass her and also threatened to beat her. This was neglected at first but the next day, other students witnessed Rani getting beaten by the older students. They went to seek their teachers help but in vain as the teacher were harassed too. They then decided to seek the help of the police who conducted a meeting with the bullies and made them apologize and promise to never beat the children again. The Pradhan of the village approached the children and promised to be of help in any such circumstance.

The elders of the village are satisfied and claim that Aflatoun has helped the children to be aware of their rights and they are extremely proud that they were able to approach the police and bring an end to that case of child abuse.

 Aflatoun Brings Village Closer

  • State: Assam                                      
  • District: Chirang
  • Village: Basugaon

Aflatoun’s actions in Rajacharang Lower Primary School have helped bring out harmony and a sense of unity in the village of Basugaon. The Aflatoun Club formed in the school discussed issues which were important to not just children, but also to the development of the village. So, when the children wanted to bring about changes to the school infrastructure, the adults from the village were invited to the school to take note of the children’s suggestions. This started a long chain of partnership between the school students, the teachers, and the School Management Committee (SMC), which primarily comprises of village elders.

The relationship between parents, teachers and the SMC has been greatly improved since a ‘School Children vs. Village Elders’ football match were held in the village. There have also been group visits to the temple during the Assamese New Year, contributing to the cordial relationship of the residents of the village.

The efforts of the school’s Aflatoun Club and its direct impact in the community have led to 208 No. Rajacharang Lower Primary School being awarded the Best School Award in the Chirang district by the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan!

Aflatoun – A Driving Force To Bring Out Ones Inner Talent

  • District: Nuapada
  • November 2012

A few months ago, 12 year old Romanch Kumar would not have imagined that he would ever recognize his hidden musical talent if it was not for Aflatoun’s intervention in his school in 2010.

Kumar is from Pendrawan UPS, Komna block, Nuapada district where out of 352 children, 118 students have together saved Rs. 21,150 with help from their Aflatoun teacher.

He shared with fellow students that before the Aflatoun project came to his school, he was never given the exposure or opportunity to showcase his vocal talent to others. He was always enclosed within barriers of fear and shame but was able to break through them when the Aflatoun songs sung in his school gave him a boost of confidence. He then went on to participate in State Level Singing Competition in November, 2012 and was also selected to represent the district of Nuapada in the same year.

‘I could never have thought of this without Aflatoun, I love Aflatoun.’ he said.

The dormant skills of not only Romanch, but other underprivileged boys and girls were awoken with the arrival of the Aflatoun programme.

Aflatoun Children, Responsible Children

Socio-Economic Status

  • Dhaulpur – Rajasthan

Barabat village is 17 kms away from district/block headquarter Dhaulpur and 2 kms away from Village Panchyat Dubaati. It is located 7 km west of Mania which is located on National Highway No. 3 to Agra.

Devendra is a student of 5th class. He has two sisters and three brothers. He stays with his parents. His father is a farmer and rears cattle for alternative income generation. He also sells vegetables in market to fulfill his family demands. Suraj is studying in 5th class. He has two sisters and two brothers. Suraj’s father is a skilled laborer, a farmer and also involved in animal husbandry for income generation.

During Aflatoun club meeting children came to know that these children are irregular in the school, they have a bad habit of chewing betel nuts and they don’t listen to elders. They do not perform any of their duties and their responsibilities. So, these children were called to Aflatoun Club meeting and were explained about the importance of their responsibilities as a student, their social behavior. After the intensive discussion, the children were encouraged to take up small responsibilities on their own. Children planted trees & took the responsibility of watering plants and locking the school after school.

The club also shared that both the children have started saving money. They have now opened account in the Aflatoun Bank and depositing their saving in the same.

Present situation

Devendra and Suraj are regular in the school; they both are performing their duties very well. Teachers are happy to know and see their changes. Even Suraj and Devendra are happy with their responsibilities. They have got new direction of life.

Teacher’s Opinion

Teacher, Mr. Rajulal Verma, in his opinion said that Aflatoun programme is making changes in the life of children. Because of this programme children are now regular in school and have developed good habits. They are now saving money and duly fulfilling responsibilities that they undertake.

Children’s view:-

Aflatoun Club children including Devendra, Ankit, Somwati, Komal, etc. told that through regular meeting of Aflatoun club we have learnt that we should save money, electricity, water, food, paper, etc. We have learnt about good habits and that we should help each other. We don’t chew betel nuts and water plants regularly. We open and close the school school in timely manner and feel happy that we are fulfilling our responsibilities.

Dolamani Sahu: Young Entrepreneur

  • Name: Dolamani Sahu
  • School: Kangaon TOUPS

Dolamani Sahu, student of Kangaon TOUPS, was encouraged by his seniors who were involved in the Aflatoun programme to join it himself. Another encouragement for him was a girl named Puja in his school who at first had no money to pay for a school picnic but after being motivated by Aflatoun to save money, she surprised her parents by having enough to pay for it herself.

Thereafter he began saving the money he received for sweets and chocolates and managed to come up with an amount that he was sure would be of use whether it was to treat an ailment in the family or to purchase reading material. He now says he is trying to imitate the qualities of Aflatoun and displayed this by accompanying his peers to the house of a boy who was being forced to work, compromising his education. They explained to the parents that it is against the law to make children between 6 and 14 years work and that it is a better option to send them to school as the food and clothing comes free of cost from the government. The boy thanks Sahu and his peers is now a regular at school.

A year later, 13 year old Sahu, with Rs.340 in his aflatoun bank account, discovered his hidden talent of dancing and in 2012, participated in and won the first prize in a local cultural event for which he was rewarded Rs.1800. Dolamani borrowed Rs.500 from his father and with his Rs.2600, purchased a female goat. Today, two years later, he has 8 goats that are very profitable to his family. His parents are determined to utilize the profits in Dolamani’s higher education.


Dolamani is now an inspiration and icon to his fellow students to start up financial enterprises and his parents are extremely thankful for the learning’s he has achieved from being a part of the Aflatoun programme.