Sayali becomes active with Aflatot methodologies

Meljol has been implementing Aflatot program in 30 pre schools (ICDS centers) in Vakola pipeline are of Santacruz, Mumbai. MelJol has conducted series of training sessions for the teachers of pre schools in Vakola and has equipped them with the basic concept of early childhood education program that lays the foundation for social and financial education.

The teachers have learnt joyful active learning methodologies which can be applied in their preschool program. Ms. Umsarkar, one of the preschool teachers was excited to share her experience about Aflatot program. She informed that Sayali one of the child in preschool, used to take support of others for accomplishing basic physical activities like standing, sitting, walking etc. Her parents were worried about her progress and always kept sharing their concerns with Ms. Umsarkar.

With the help of Aflatot program, Ms. Umsarkar started following certain active learning methodologies like group work, storytelling, games and songs in the preschool. It created lot of fun for children including Sayali. She started taking interest in the activities and started mingling with the other children as well. On the Children’s day when MelJol organized a get together program for the parents and the children in pre schools; Sayali took active part in activities like drawing pictures, running, playing games. Her appearance was amazing for the teacher and parents.

Now days Sayali doesn’t expect support for her basic physical movements. She has become independent and likes to attend Aflatot program in preschool every day. Her parents are happy to see this transformation taken place in their daughter’s life. They give this credit to the Aflatot program.