Quality Education

MelJol is determined to provide active  and enriched learning experiences and also modify the teaching learning strategies that help in meeting the identified learning needs  and increase involvement of children.  MelJol demonstrates this effectiveness of the active learning methodology. This is also a tool in the hands of the teachers to regularise  attendance in school leading to increased students involvement in the academics

Social education and empowerment

Aristotle the legendary Greek philosopher said, “Man is by nature a social animal” and cannot live alone. In Indian context a child needs to become part of the diverse/vibrant human society and the equally diverse natural society. MelJol works with children, adolescent and youth to help them examine and reflect on their identities, age, gender, nationality, values and beliefs, as well as their relationships with family, friends and communities. They learn to practice responsible use and accumulation of financial, natural and other kinds of resources (people, planet and profit) and get opportunities to contribute positively to the environment. The journey is a process of transformation of being egocentric to becoming sociocentric is very well channelised manner.

Financial education and empowerment

While coming closer to adulthood the underprivileged / underresorced adolescent are not adequately prepared and don’t have the required support for a smooth transition. They need to gel and take up roles in the society. The underprivileged adolescent youth start contributing financially at a very early age in their life. They require the knowledge and skill to handle financial resources appropriately for a secured future. MelJol want to develop a new generation of young people who have been readied for the economic mainstream, understand the power of money, ensure employability skill, become socially and financially more empowered, understand the concepts of risk and reward. They become more responsible consumers, workers, and/or producers.

Life Skill education

MelJol’s theory of change is a journey of discovering oneself and placing oneself in the larger ecosystem of the school, community and society. The constant adult guidance received by children, adolescent and youth help increased self esteem, self worth and aspiration. It equips them to deal with stress and stain of growing up, develop interpersonal and intrapersonal communication and helps improve relationship with peer, teachers, parents and community. MelJol provided opportunities for making individual and collective decisions while executing micro – social and financial enterprises. Learning by doing and experiencing help the children, adolescents and youth deal effectively with their changing life.

Adolescent Girls and Youth Empowerment

MelJol is committed to an equitable society with a positive bias toward girls. As a strategy it ensure a minimum of 50% representation of girls and women in all its programme process and activities. MelJol aims at developing among girls a sense of self-worth, a belief in one’s ability to secure desired changes and the right to control one’s life. MelJol’s programme helps the adolescent girls  in developing understanding of rights and responsibilities, as enforced through the United Convention on the Rights of the Child. Age old practices like child marriages have been delayed by children’s collective –  Aflatoun and Aflteen clubs in schools and communities. These clubs have also been successful in getting drop out children/ girls back to school.

Youth Empowerment

MelJol is engaging with the youth from communities through its Aflateen and Entrepreneurship skill development programme. MelJol’s programme encourages young people to take up prominent roles as individuals and part of society; and share these inspirational stories. The programme helps young people realize their potential and become agents of change.

MelJol’s aims  at helping young people think critically and learn about rights and responsibilities, as well as gain financial knowledge and skills that will enable them to make the best use of resources. It also helps them reflect and make sense of the transitions they are going through and how they can best be engaged in the world. Social education helps them learn responsible citizenship and being involved in social issues that affect them, while financial education help the youth learn the important skills of saving, budgeting and engaging in enterprises.

Entrepreneurship Development

Disadvantages in education translate into lack of access to skills and limited opportunities in the labour market. Youths  empowerment is essential to expand economic growth and promote social development. MelJol aims at strengthening capacities of the youth to bridge the gap between education and livelihood and help them make appropriate career choices. MelJol also aims at orienting the adolescents/youth to the world of enterprises and to encourage entrepreneurship as a viable career option. The Entrepreneurship Skill building Program thus provides a gamut of different life choices that youth can exercise to become successful confident individuals, responsible economic citizens and effective contributors to society.