Project Description

What is Aflatot Program?

The Aflatot programme for children who have not yet entered primary school (usually 3-6 years of age) provides an early childhood education programme that lays the foundation for this social and financial literacy. The programme builds on the evidence in early childhood education that such early investments provide children with advantages that are amplified and reinforced over time. Much of what they know about planning, budgeting, saving, spending and using resources is based on their daily routine. Even before monetary concepts are learned, simple concepts such as making full use of available resources, i.e. ‘finishing one’s food’ or ‘buying only necessities’, are some of the daily realities that young children are exposed to that already relate to Financial Education.

Objectives Of Aflatot:

1. Develop the concept of self and wellbeing among children

2. Sensitize children about their needs and wants

3.Make children aware about saving and sharing resources

4. Expand the understanding about money and its functions

Expected Outcomes of Aflatot Program:

  • Children become aware about self, family and community and the importance of living together

  •  Children become aware of their talents and how to use them to develop their identity

  •  Children enhance their knowledge about their own community

  •  Children become aware of the basic needs and wants

  • Children understand the concept of saving and sharing the resources available around them