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Project Description

Financial Entrepreneurship Skill Building Program:

        The Financial Entrepreneurship skill building program is a platform for the youth to provide opportunities to develop core soft skills, and acquire necessary information about economic activities, enterprises and to develop an ability to transfer and apply them to different contexts and in different work surroundings. It is an extension to Aflateen program. This program takes the youth through the journey of enterprises with a
grassroots perspective.

          The Entrepreneurship skill building program inculcate a positive approach among youth through providing various learning opportunities for them and developing different life skills such as problemsolving, decision making, team work, critical thinking, planning and budgeting, time management, etc. The financial enterprising is an experimental laboratory that will be run, initiated and managed by the youth from age 16 to 22 years. Expert guidance and support, smart exposure to entrepreneurial ideas and activities would be the key features of the Lab. The Lab will provide the
opportunity for youth to learn, to experiment and initiate gainful activities.

         Thee Entrepreneurship Skillbuilding Program thus provides a gamut of different life choices that youth can exercise in their lives to become successful leaders, confident individuals, responsible economic citizens and effective contributors to society.

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